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Alumni FAQ

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A commitment to serving our extended Alumni family throughout their career.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bird & Bird Alumni Community?
 The Bird & Bird Alumni Community provides eligible current and former colleagues with opportunities to stay in touch and gain access to a range of exclusive content.
 Who is eligible to join the Bird & Bird Alumni Community?
 Current and former employees of Bird & Bird may register to join our alumni community. Work experience students are not eligible to join at this time.
 I worked for a predecessor of Bird & Bird (e.g. Truman Hoyle). Can I join?
 The Bird & Bird Alumni Community is open to former employees of all predecessor firms of Bird & Bird. 

What are the benefits of joining the Bird & Bird Alumni Community?
Membership gives you access to our online platform and our community benefits, including:

News and Community: Read alumni stories, find events, and stay connected to your former colleagues.

Career progression: Browse job vacancies within the network, find referral opportunities and continue learning with skills training.  

Exclusive benefits: Use our business lounge facilities, subscribe to the ACC, receive art exhibition tickets, and more… 

How do I join the Bird & Bird Alumni Community?
 It’s easy! Access our portal at to register. Once we verify your information, you’ll become a member of our alumni community.  

For any further questions, please contact us at [email protected]